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Saman Casting Epoxy

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Saman Casting Epoxy


Turn your pieces of wood into masterpieces with SamaN’s EPOX-Y Casting into which color pigments can be added. This product is perfect for pouring river and ocean tables. It also allows you to fill voids, holes and cracks into the wood in a complete original way. With deep pours going up to 5 inches in a single application and a self-leveling formula, the EPOX-Y Casting is easy to use.

Our epoxy protects your creations by resisting chemicals, heat, UV rays and scratches. It will offer a glossy crystalline finish to your steel, concrete, granite, copper, laminate and many other surfaces and casts. Versatile, trendy and inspiring, EPOX-Y Casting is another SamaN’s high – quality wood finishing product.


Before you begin:

Read carefully the instructions provided with the product before starting the project. Do a test on a small area.

Surface preparation:

  • Sand the surface with a 120 or 150 grit sandpaper.
  • Vacuum all dust and wipe with a soft, clean and dry cloth.
  • The surface must be dry, clean and free of all dust, wax, grease and moisture.


  • Refer to the instruction manual provided with the product.

Drying time:

  • Allow to dry 5 hours between coats.
  • EPOX-Y 100 % hardened in 72 hours.
  • Avoid contact with any kind of dust on top of your surface during the curing process.

Cleaning tools:

Clean all tools and equipment with acetone or alcohol.

Project types

Wood, Steel, Concrete, Granite, Copper, Laminate, Stratified, Bamboo, Art work

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