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Sanding Sponge


Sanding Sponge


Sanding sponge are produced by sia Abrafoam in a

continuous environmentally-friendly production process. Following

the application of the adhesive, the abrasive grit is gravity fed and

scattered onto two adjacent sides of the block or one side of a pad.

The process guarantees a perfect grit coating even on the edges of

the product. This specialized coating process ensures a flexible at-tachment

of the abrasive grits. Internal production of foam enables

the material density and therefore material hardness to be adapted in

an optimum way to market and customer requirements. This provides

outstanding surface results with manual sanding on wood, paints

and varnishes.


Dimensions: 68 mm x 97 mm x 27 mm (w x l x d)

Coating: 4-sided

Grit: aluminium oxide / blue fi red

Grit: Medium/Fine

Backing material: PU foam (polyurethane), solvent-free

Foam hardness: firm, for high removal capacity



  • Highly aggressive and robust with uniform surface quality
  • Coated on four sides, ideal for applications in rebates and on surfaces
  • For use in the woodworking, paint and varnish industry
  • Little tendency to clog

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