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How To: Weather Furniture

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How To: Weather Furniture

Weathered finishes have a way of making a space feel welcoming and lived-in. Furniture and decor with a worn-in look brings rustic charm to a room, whether you opt for small doses or larger furniture.


Washing furniture is a great way to revive an old piece of wooden furniture while keeping the wood grain visible.

How to give your furniture a weathered finish - Harp back chair refinished ising Superior Paint Co. Barn WoodHere's an example of a weathered chair I updated using Superior Paint Co. Barn Wood

Here's my project for this tutorial...


This is a vintage solid oak set my mom gracious donated for this tutorial!
I cleaned the set using TSP ECO mixed with warm water and gave it a good scrub down with a brillo pad. While its drying time to mix my wash!

For this project I choose Superior Paint Co. Little White 8oz and mixed with 16oz of distilled water.

  1. Mixing your own wash. a 2:1 ratio of Superior chalk paint and water will create a very thick layer of wash, while a 1:1 and 1:2 ratio result in successively thinner mixes.


    1. Apply the wash to the furniture. Use a paint brush to apply long strokes to the surface of the furniture. As the mixture will dry quickly, apply the wash in relatively small sections rather than attempting to coat the entire piece.
    1. Work the whitewash into the wood (optional). Before the whitewash dries, use a clean rag or staining pad to rub the whitewash into the grain and knots of the wood and even the brush strokes into one level coating.


    Once my Little White wash is dry I took a dry brillo pad and lightly buffed the high points to highlight the detail and expose the stained wood underneath.

    1. Add additional colours if you desire. Applying additional layers (and again wiping off the excess) will create depth and richness to a piece that obscures more of the wood grain.
    1. Seal the washed furniture. After the washing is completely dried, apply a Top Coat Sealer over the surface. This will protect the job and allow it to look fresh and new for a long time. Top Coat Sealer can be applied using a brush, sprayed or with the Top Coat Applicator Kit.

    Now I just need some new upholstery and I will be all done!
    New custom upholstery by Superior Interiors Kelowna
    Here's the new upholstery in our spray booth being treated in our Superior Fabric Guard.
    How to weather your furniture using Superior Paint Co. Chalk furniture paint
    Custom furniture refinishing by Superior Interiors Kelowna
    I hope I have inspired you to try weathering a piece of furniture you have in your home!
    Happy Painting Everyone!


    • Although this technique is known as whitewashing, it is possible to use any Superior chalk paint colours.
    • Applying two layers of wash in different colors can create the effect of one color "peeking through" under the thin overcoat.
    • You may want to test the wash first on a piece of scrap wood of the same type, or on an unobtrusive corner of the furniture.
    • Always make sure to properly prep your furniture ie. Repair, Clean, Strip or Sand if needed.
    • If you have poor water quality make sure to use distilled water.

    Things You'll Need


    For inspiration check out our Pinterest Board of weathered furniture and home decor:



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