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NEW Superior Designer Upholstery!

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Superior Paint Co. New Designer Upholstery Collection

Our obsession with beautiful one of a kind furniture can only be rivaled by our dedication to delivering quality fabrics with relevant yet timeless appeal. Superior Upholstery designs are influenced by the worlds of fashion, design, architecture and even pop culture. We are all unified with our shared vision of a more beautiful world, a world filled with beautiful timeless furniture.

Superior Upholstery

Furniture is supposed to last a long time, but what if the upholstery gets damaged?

The new Superior Designer Upholstery  will bring "new life" to your furniture. Reupholstery can also be a smart way to spruce up a room, add new color and reinvigorate a tired piece of furniture.

Superior Upholstery

Do you have a chair that no one wants to sit in any longer? Is the fabric is looking shabby?

Maybe it's time to update your treasures! Superior Upholstery can help you transform your weary furniture with new fabrics and accent cushions.

 Superior UpholsteryThere's a little bit of treasure hunter in each of us. It's the part that can look at a tired old chair, rescued from a tag sale or dusty attic, and see its hidden potential. Though it may look faded, moldy, and out of style, sometimes all that's needed to revitalize a solid, good-quality piece of furniture is simple reupholstering.

how many yards of fabric do i need

For any reupholstering project, your most important task will be choosing fabric -- you must determine not only the style of the material, but also how much of it you'll need.

Determining fabric amounts is tricky. But it's nice to be able to make at least a rough estimate, and to understand the factors involved -- the shape of the piece, the pattern of the cloth, any extras such as a skirt or welting -- before diving into a project.

Superior Upholstery fabrics cost from $35.95 to $119.95 per yard, knowing approximately how much you'll need before you make a choice is helpful. Here's a helpful chart...

upholstery guide


HOT TOP: Never skimp on fabric and assume you will be able to go back order more if necessary. This might seem like smart shopping, but it's not: Never expect to get an exact fabric match the second time around. "Dye lots change overnight, you might buy an extra yard of fabric that looks the same, but if the dye is slightly different, it won't match the rest of the fabric."

How to protect your furniture and upholstery

After you have your newly transformed treasures you will need to take the proper measures to ensure they stay looking new and fabulous for years to come... 

 Superior Upholstery Gurad


Fabric Guard is a professional grade, Eco-friendly clear coating that protects upholstery and carpeting from soiling, staining, colour fading and excessive wear.

Superior Upholstery guard


  • Eco friendly

  • Professional grade

  • Prevents sun fading

  • Prevents spills from staining your upholstery


  • Mist the new Superior Upholstery with Fabric Guard if the fabric moves make sure to lightly massage the product with your hands and let dry. 
  • Mist a second coat and let dry.
  • Once fully dry enjoy! 

*We recommend reapplying every 3-6 months for added protection against soiling and sun fading.*


how to clean upholstery


Superior Upholstery is marked in each listing with a code that allows the buyer to know in advance, what type of cleaning is suggested.

Superior Upholstery Cleaning Codes


When it comes to cleaning your upholstery we recommend using Howards Upholstery Cleaner.

Howards Upholstery Cleaner


  • Easily breaks down stains and spills on all types of upholstery, fabric and rugs. The natural cleaners gently remove dirt, oil and grime from even the finest upholstery, Oriental rugs, and automotive interiors
  • Specialized essential fragrances refresh while you clean



  • Lightly shake the bottle
  • Spray the problem area and let penetrate
  • Using a Superior Rag gently rub area
  • To finish, lightly blot area with a clean/dry Superior Rag.


Kelowna custom upholstery by Superior Interiors Kelowna

Superior Interiors Kelowna custom upholstery work

Superior Interiors Kelowna custom upholstery work

Custom upholstery services by Superior Interiors Kelowna

 Chair upholstery by Supeior Interiors Kelowna

Custom Upholstery Work By Superior Inteirors Kelowna

Superior Paint Co. Designer Upholstery in Kelowna BC - Superior Inteirors Kelowna

Supeiror Interiros Kelowna custom furntiure refinishing and upholstery

 Superior Upholstery before and after

Superior Upholstery by Superior Inteirors Kelowna 

 Kelowna upholstery services by Superior Interiors Kelowna


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