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How To: Apply Appliqués

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Superior Appliqués are a great way to spruce up your furniture and home decor! It’s only one’s imagination that limits the endless combinations and unique designs that can be applied to turn the drab into fab!

They’re extremely easy to attach to any flat surface and can easily heated to be bent to fit curves and contours.

Our mouldings are handmade from a tough resin that will withstand most everyday knocks and bashes without breaking or splitting. These mouldings are incredibly tough whilst being able to retain extremely fine detail. They won’t crack like wooden mouldings or chip and break like delicate plaster ones!

Shabby chic fridge makeover using: Basic Scroll Set, Deco Flower,

Left frame: Heart Scroll Set Right frame: Small Flower Set

Guitar: Pearl Drop and Rose Leaf Set


1. Find your project and appliqués!

Here's Ray's candle holders... he doesn't know yet but they will soon be transformed :)

I choose my absolute favorite appliqués three Fleur De Lis!

2. Prep

Give the surface your applying the appliqués to a light sand and the back of your appliqués (this will allow the glue to adhere properly). Make sure if your painting the appliqués to wash well with cleaner we always suggest using TSP as there might be silicone residue still lingering on the surface from making them.

3. Bending and applying the appliqués.

The surface I'm applying them to is curved. I must heat the appliqués using a heat gun on medium-low heat for about 10 seconds until they felt jelly like.

Heat Gun

Then I quickly applied the glue to the back of each appliqués using a stir stick to smear the glue over the entire backside of the appliqués

Make sure to secure with masking tape while the glue dries. Once cooled they will hold their place and shape.

4. Paint your project!

Once the glue is dry its time to paint!

For directions: how to hand paint click here.

I painted the candle holders using Antique White and lightly distressed.

I sealed with Flat Top Coat sealer.

5. Top Coat Sealer

Once your finished painting make sure to use Top Coat Sealer to protect your project. For directions: how to apply your Top Coat click here.


-Make sure to read the directions of the glue your using if it takes 24 hours to set then make sure to let it dry completely before your start painting.

-If applying appliqués to a vertical surface make sure to secure with tape to prevent it from moving while the glue is drying.

-Superior appliqués can be cut down or sanded to fit your space.

-If your in a hurry using a air nailer to attach the appliqués also works.

-If you don't have a heat gun use your blow dryer on medium-high heat

Things You'll Need:

-Your project

-Superior Appliqués

-Masking Tape

-Sand Paper


-Heat Gun (optional)

-Paint Brushes


-Stir Stick

-Drop Cloth

-Superior Paints

-Superior Top Coat


I hope I have inspired you to add some bling to your thing!

Happy Painting Everyone!


For inspiration check out our Pinterest Board featuring furniture and home decor with

Superior Moulding Co. Appliqués.







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