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The NEW Superior Stencil Collection

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Introducing our new Superior Stencil Collection of reusable mylar stencils...


Mylar stencils are thin yet strong and hard wearing and make it easy to position these delightful accents on furniture, walls, stairs, doors, cement, wood, ceramic, fabric or paper - almost any flat surface. It is reusable, durable, washable and flexible and suitable for use with Superior Paints or Modern Masters Metallic Paints. The actual design is cut into the sheet with a small border left around the edges for masking off etc.


Stencil Tile or Cement: Use stencils for personalized floor decoration by simply adding in the paint colors of your choice using a foam brush or rollers. Finish your room with some custom pillows with the same design.
DIY Home decor with Superior Stencils by Superior Paint Co.

Stencil on Furniture: Stencils are ideal for adding pattern to almost any hard surface, including furniture. Transform a tabletop, chest of drawers, or cabinet door with paint and stencils. Protect stenciled furniture with multiple coats of Top Coat Sealer to protect your stencil art from normal wear and tear.

Stencil Walls or Décor: Use stencils for personalized walls or decoration by simply adding in the paint colors of your choice using a foam brush or rollers. You can stencil on glass, wood, cement, tiles, fabric and many more surfaces. Use stencils on tablecloths, curtains, pillows, placemats, and more.


Raised Stencils or embossing can be used with Saman wood putty. Add color to your raised design by either pre-tinting the white wood putty with Saman water based stains or Superior Paints, or you can replace the stencil over the design (once it’s dry) and use a brush to color the design.

Embossed Superior Stencil Collection by Superior Paint Co. for your home decor

We hope you love our Stencil Collection it as much as we do - Stay tuned to see the new designs coming soon!

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How To: Stencil Furniture

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For inspiration make sure to follow our Superior Paint Co. Pinterest Board here.







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